Math 1013 — Section M
Applied Calculus I
Winter 2020

Class schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9h30 — 10h20 : ACE 102


Course Outline
Email: aram (dot) dermenjian (at) gmail com
Office: Dahdaleh (Tel) 2028
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Due to moodle not being able to handle grades in the way I like, I'm updating grades on a google spreadsheet. You can view your (current) grade below. They will be updated periodically, and if I ever forget, just email me to remind me.
Note: For security reasons, most information is hidden. Which means only one person can look at their grades at any given time. I am including two versions of the grades so if one of the two sheets is being viewed, you can use the other one. After viewing your grades, PLEASE remove your student ID and exit the browser so someone else can look. Thank you.


Webassign Course Key: 6392 1272


Week 0
-5 January
Course Notes - 0
Week 1
6-10 January
Course Outline
Course Notes - 1
Homework 1
Homework 1 Solutions
Week 2
13-17 January
Course Notes - 2
Homework 2
Homework 2 Solutions
Week 3
20-24 January
Course Notes - 3
Homework 3
Homework 3 Solutions
Week 4
27-31 January

Extra Office Hourse: Thrusday, 30 Jan: 14:30 - 17:00

Course Notes - 4
Homework 4
Homework 4 Solutions
Midterm Practice - In Class
Midterm Practice - Exercises
Midterm Practice - Exercises - With solutions
Week 5
3-7 February

Midterm 1 - Monday, 3 February: 9:30 - 10:20 ACE 102

Course Notes - 5
Homework 5
Homework 5 Solutions
Week 6
10-14 February

Midterm 1 Second Chance / Make-up Exam
Friday, February 14 11:30 am - 12:20 pm
Stedman Lecture Halls (SLH) room D
If you plan on taking a second chance/make-up exam, you MUST fill out the following form:

Office Hours: There will not be office hours on Friday since there will be the second chance/make-up exam at the same time. I will be in my office from 10h30 - 11h00 to answery any questions from week 5/6 material. (Aka, I will not answer questions about the second chance/make-up exam, nor any questions from the first four weeks of class.)

Course Notes - 6
Homework 6
Homework 6 Solutions
Week 7
17-21 February

Reading week! Have a fabulous time!

Office Hours: There will not be office hours during this week. Please email me if you have any questions. If you really need to see my in person, please send me an email for an appointment.

Course Notes - 7
Week 8
24-28 February

Common Mistakes: I made a document that outlines the most common mistakes of the first midterm and why they are wrong. If you didn't do well on the midterm, please review this document!

Course Notes - 8
Homework 7

Favorite Memes: Here are my favorite memes from reading weak:
Click me to see memes

Week 9
2-6 March
Course Notes - 9
Homework 8